Parabolic technology

Our pioneering Parabolic blade technology is the high-water mark of excellence in the industry. It’s a blade of uncompromising quality designed for a seamless performance.

The unique tapered mid-section centres your weight, making the blade even more responsive to the subtlest movement, and giving you unprecedented stability and control that simply can’t be equalled by conventional parallel blades.

The Parabolic also has crescent-shaped edges that are specially designed for sharper turns and pinpoint accuracy, making it the world’s most advanced figure blade. And, since the tapered mid-section means we use less steel, the lighter blade lets you take off faster, reach a greater height, and land with complete precision.

Built for the wear and tear of competitive skating, the Parabolic can be sharpened in fewer passes than other blades, so it will be with you for the duration.

We’ve engineered it to enhance your performance, so you’ll adjust to the Parabolic quickly and naturally. You’ll feel the difference straight away – no matter how advanced your technique – taking your footwork and edge jumps to the next level. With greater confidence, you can release your full potential.

If you are looking for perfection, this is it.

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