Revolution technology

Our visionary Revolution blade is at the leading edge of skate technology, with a design that is paving the way for the future of ice skating worldwide.

Using new carbon composite holders alongside a meticulously crafted steel blade, the Revolution gives greater control, extra lift and cushioned landings to help reduce injury.

The carbon composite technology is lighter than steel, allowing you to jump higher, go faster and take off more quickly. The result is a lightweight blade that is uncompromisingly tough, strong and durable.

And the Revolution’s considerable flexibility on take-off and landing pushes you even further in every jump, while the carbon composite design has been engineered to absorb shock, cushioning your landings no matter how high you go.

This pioneering design also has enormous benefits in avoiding extra strain on your body – the flexibility and cushion effect provide micro-level support that can help to reduce the risk of injury. And you’ll benefit from increased control too. If you’ve recently recovered from an injury, the Revolution could make your return to the ice that little bit smoother.

It’s a fusion of traditional and cutting-edge technologies that’s nothing short of revolutionary.

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